Four Simple Things To Do if You Lose a Tooth

Tooth removal is a traumatic experience. It also puts you in an emergency. Understanding what to do in this situation will certainly result in a much better result. When you or one of your loved ones is harmed and a tooth is completely knocked out, you need to act quickly! The more time you wait to see your dentist, the less likely you will do well. It would be preferable if you made an effort to visit the dentist within 30 to 60 minutes.

What Should You Do If Your Tooth Is Knocked Out?

Losing a permanent tooth can be distressing. It’s time to take action when a tooth falls out (or is knocked out) because of an accident or oral problems you’ve been putting off. Missing a tooth makes chewing more difficult, and the cosmetic consequences can be unpleasant or discouraging.

If you follow these tips, you may be able to reduce the irreversible damage to your teeth.

Find the Tooth

After looking at other more serious injuries (uncontrollable bleeding, head injuries, and more), the most crucial point you need to make is to locate the tooth. We can re-implant the tooth into the socket once we have the whole tooth. Otherwise, the treatment will follow an entirely different course.

Place in Holding Solution

Each tooth’s root is covered in tiny ligament fibers that link to the surrounding jawbone. These fibers are essential. They should be kept moist and undamaged. This implies you must avoid scrubbing or cleaning the tooth. We know it seems disgusting. You may discover the tooth in the dirt and desire to clean it. Do not attempt it! Any cleaning should be left to the dentist.

If the tooth is extremely dirty, place it in a small container (cup or baggie) filled with saliva or milk. You only need a small amount of spit to cover the tooth. Again, DO NOT scrub or wipe away the tooth.

You can hold the root in your mouth if it is fairly clean. We know it sounds horrible, yet the mouth is a suitable environment for a tooth.

Call the Dentist

This is where having a positive relationship with your dentist can help. Schedule a dental visit like Broken Fillings in Edmonton. If it is after hours, they most likely have an on-call dentist or an emergency number you can call for urgent treatment. This qualifies as urgent! Notify the doctor that you have had your tooth knocked out and are on your way to the office. They will be waiting for you there.

Follow the Dentist’s Instructions

After the dentist has treated you, inserting the clean tooth back into the socket and supporting it for recovery, you must follow their instructions very carefully. Gentle mouth rinsing and adjustments to your brushing and flossing routines will be among them. You will most likely be limited to soft foods for the first few days. You should not bite into anything with this tooth.

The dentist will probably utilize a wire attached to several teeth to hold this newly implanted tooth in place and allow the bone and tendons to reattach to the root. Click here for more information about saving a knockout tooth.


You shouldn’t let your alternatives overwhelm you after a tooth loss. Make a consultation with your dentist immediately. The dentist will evaluate your situation and advise you on the best options for you. If you recognize it in advance, you’ll be better positioned to decide you’ll be happy for many years.